Shifting from an In-Person event to a Virtual Event

The coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to dump their plans and postpone or cancel their in-person events. However, some organizers are trying to turn their onsite plans into virtual ones.

Whether you’re planning to convert your concert, seminar, or conference into a remote event, don’t worry. You can still sell that cheap concert tickets, encourage participants to join your discussion, or showcase your products, services, or story online and generate great results.

What Are Some Top Virtual Event Ideas?

  • Live-streaming

Fortunately, there are now many platforms available for live-streaming. To engage your followers and expand your reach, consider using the live video features of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other similar social platforms.

This virtual event idea is especially helpful if you’re planning to have a question and answer session for tutorials, webinars, masterclasses, or online conferences. You can even share live demonstrations while answering questions from your audience.

  • Pre-recorded videos

Having a captivating pre-recorded video presentation lets you provide a unique online experience with your audience. You can use a platform that allows videos on demand to your viewers. This may be the perfect option for you if you’re holding an online film festival or concert.

How Do I Prepare for My Online Event?

Holding events requires careful planning and preparation to ensure that they run smoothly. Replicating the in-person event experience may not be easy, but you can still attract big audiences, increase your brand awareness and visibility, and generate interest by following the tips below:

  • Develop a virtual event marketing strategy

Just like any other event, you must come up with an effective marketing strategy to create a buzz and capture the attention of your target audience. But before you do this, it’s crucial to set a clear goal. What do you want to achieve with your event? Answering this question will then help you set up smaller objectives, such as who you want to attract and what action you want them to take.

  • Choose the right platform for your online event

Each digital platform has a unique purpose. Keep your audience in mind when choosing the platform or technology that you’re going to use, and make sure it helps you convey your message effectively.

  • Create a schedule and video script

Your online audience is more likely to participate in your virtual event from the comfort of their homes, which means they are prone to get distracted. To keep them engaged and interested throughout your event, craft a clear and compelling story and video script. Supplement it with photos or images to make it more engaging and enticing.

  • Use high-quality photos, videos, animation, and graphics

Virtual events can be dull and boring, but you can turn yours into an immersive online experience. One of the pros of holding online events is you can add high-quality photos, videos, animation, and graphics as much as you like as long as they can help you express your message more clearly and help your audience better understand what you’re trying to convey. Use that to your advantage.

  • Add your event to a database

An event database like ours has a library of all events in your area, and using it offers you access to potential participants. Regardless of the virtual activity you’re planning to hold, you can benefit from becoming a member and adding your event to our list.


Planning an event online can be complicated and challenging, but by following this guide, you can boost your chances of success and getting ideal results. Consider taking advantage of an event database to entice the right audience to your virtual event. With careful planning and well-defined goals, your next virtual event could be the most successful one yet!

Set an event more efficiently by using our platform. We offer a members-only event listing portal in Wisconsin.

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