Planning a Successful Virtual Event

As an events planner, it’s your job to supervise a program from the very beginning and ensure everything goes well. While unthinkable in the past, today, if you have international clients aiming to gain attendees from across the globe, it can now be made possible with video streaming platforms.

Thanks to virtual technology, you can rely on online events without worrying about the location of your guests. They can simply connect to the internet and attend either a pre-recorded event or a live one. Event streaming has leveled up the game for companies to improve their strategies and promote their brands.

Keep reading below to find out how to plan a successful virtual event that will have your online audience raving about it for weeks.

Establish the Right Viewers

The first step to building a virtual event is knowing the people who will be attending it. It would help if you knew their interests and whether you’d like them to submit their recommendations to help you formulate a final plan leading up to the event.

Remember, your audience needs to be capable enough to manage using technology on their own, and log-in and attend the event without needing much help. You can ask for their feedback by creating a poll or a community forum to help you make events successfully.

Determine Your Event

A live virtual event needs to have a format based on what your client wants. It could be interviews, seminars, talk shows, or even a musical event. You need to determine how your target audience will react to your chosen format and whether they will find it unique from your competitors.

Your event should also follow a flow or storyboard to make it organized. If you want to make things even more enjoyable, you can consider adding quirky virtual backgrounds and incorporate a system that your employees and guests can efficiently operate.

Decide on an Online Platform

Choosing a platform for your live stream event takes some careful decision-making. You can select from common channels like Facebook Livestream, YouTube Live, Instagram Live, and Periscope. Think about where you can find most of your followers and decide from there!

Before the day of your virtual event, you can perform a dry run to see if there will be technical issues you will possibly encounter so that you can eliminate them during the live stream. Besides, it would help to choose a platform that offers responsive technical support too!

Pick a Reliable Host

Part of the success of your event is having a professional host to lead the program. You can either hire a professional MC or pick from any of your staff members who’s confident to run a show. Take note that they should also learn to answer any queries and comments from social media that aren’t part of the script.

In fact, you can hire not only one but two hosts to lead your virtual event! That way, they’re more comfortable having somebody with them to throw their lines back and forth with. Having a good host can set the mood of your virtual event and keep your viewers hooked to stay till the end of the show.


Planning a virtual event takes time—but it’s well worth the effort to pull off, especially in times like these. To ensure your audience retains their engagement with you at all times, you should follow the steps above to ensure your online program is a big hit and your brand’s virtual event becomes the talk of the town.

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