Planning a Drive-in Event

Although the quarantine protocols are slowly easing across the country, some aspects of our daily lives remain to be uncertain. Event organizers, for instance, still remain seated at a distance, eager to learn more about the approval of live gatherings once more. While huge events like converts will remain to be prohibited, various event coordinators continue to look for ways to bring back other types of events. While the idea of technology and Zoom calls in lieu of gatherings has been working, nothing quite compares to the idea of being able to interact with people.

The answer to hours and hours of brainstorming pays homage to the past—drive-in theaters. Drive-in areas around the country have been operating since the pandemic hit, and event companies have found solace in the system these theaters have in place.

Since social distancing remains to be of utmost importance, event planners turn to the world of custom drive-in theaters, complete with press, carpets, and car catering services for maximum experience. This is the perfect solution to the adherence of the 6-feet distance rule, as event-goers will remain safe in their cars.

If you’re an event coordinator looking to get your clients and community moving once more, a drive-in event may very well be the answer to your prayers. Here’s what you need to know to plan a successful, socially-distanced event:

It’s all down to creativity

Drive-in cinemas are remnants of the past, so expect that there will only be limited facilities for use. You will need to look around carefully for a venue, so make sure to tap into local connections and the vast Internet space. You’ll want to make sure that you choose the most ideal spot, with nature to enjoy for fresh air and ample space for any out-of-car needs, like comfort rooms.

You’ll also need to sell not only the uniqueness of the experience, but the actual event. Make sure to incorporate the latest technology for extra spice, such as huge television screens for digital performers and a good sound system for background music. Food will also play an integral part in the success of your event, so look up options like app-based food ordering systems, just to ensure safety and satisfaction.

Education is key

Living in a highly digital world, bear in mind that your event goers will likely remain unaware of how drive-in locations work, much less in a pandemic. You’ll want to make sure that people show up in their COVID-19 gear, complete with face masks for added protection. While drive-in events are socially distanced, bear in mind that you hold the responsibility of complete safety.

You also need to make sure that a station is set up upon entry, with staff tasked to check temperatures and other health concerns. Bathrooms should be disinfected regularly, while any form of gathering should be strictly prohibited. Above all, make sure that your customers are equipped with proper permitting requirements, such as COVID-19 contract tracing forms and health declaration papers.

Safe Local Events by the Right Events Planner

COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the world—and while the world has been forced to a pause, people are slowly coming out of their homes to experience life once more. Events are key to keeping the spirits alive, as nothing quite compares to the idea of being around other living, breathing people. Technology can only do so much, and by experiencing events once more, people are reminded that there’s still a life to live beyond the pandemic.

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