How to ensure safety at an event in the new normal we're living in.

Over the last few months, many in-person events worldwide were postponed or canceled in order to minimize the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Those that weren’t moved managed to hold activities online through digital platforms. But as everyone starts to adjust to the new normal and the in-person events resume, businesses and event professionals must be prepared.

The health and safety of your staff and attendees should be your top priority now more than ever. This means following state and local regulations and guidelines strictly to ensure not only an exceptional but also safe event experience for everyone.

Holding in-person events is risky. As an event organizer, it’s your responsibility to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible. Here are some tips you can take to achieve that:

  1. Find a secure venue

Now that social distancing is required during the new normal, you must look for a secure venue that can accommodate all your guests and allow you to implement the appropriate safety precautions.

Look for a space that can accommodate a much larger group to give you a buffer for the guidelines. You can also hire an experienced event coordinator to help you find the perfect venue.

  1. Collect important information from attendees

Event registration is necessary for contact tracing. This will help you screen attendees before check-in. Make sure to ask questions before the event to help you identify everyone’s travel locations, keep a record of location data, and use attendee tracking with RFID badges to manage sensitive areas.

During the registration process, offer contactless check-in and badge printing. Use a QR code or digital wallet information instead of printing physical tickets to help minimize contact and keep your guests and staff safe and healthy.

  1. Create room layouts that comply with safety guidelines

By using diagramming tools and hiring an events planner, make your event venue as safe and as secure as possible by creating room layouts that comply with social distancing guidelines and seating arrangements with extra seats in between attendees. Don’t forget to add stations for hand sanitizers, alcohols, face masks, and more throughout public areas.

  1. Promote your event through a portal

Take advantage of digital platforms to reach and communicate with your guests. An events listing portal like ours lets you reach people who are interested in joining your event. It facilitates a connection between you and your attendees and provides both of you with one-stop-shop event experience.

By becoming a member of What-T-Do, you can post your events on the platform, sell tickets without hassle through your own Organizer area, join forums, and receive RSVPs. Your prospect guests can also find your event more easily.

The platform also allows verified members to mingle with each other at the event and through the forums. Best of all, you can enjoy all these exclusive perks for free.


While the way events were held changed, things will start returning to a new normal soon, and you have to be prepared for that. Make sure to plan carefully when conducting in-person events and follow the steps mentioned above to take care of everyone’s well-being.

Ensure the safety of your guests and the success of your event by partnering with What-T-Do events. We offer a members-only platform for businesses and event organizers in Wisconsin. Become a member today!

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