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Planning an event can be exciting, but even with thrilling activities in store, attracting enough attention to your ads can be tricky. Events marketing goes beyond posting on social media and a visually appealing ticket sales page, but you need more tricks under your sleeve to generate more traffic to sell your tickets.

Inviting as many people to take an interest in your event is the number one priority for event organizers, which is why we’re here to give a rundown on some tried-and-true ways to give your ticket sales the much-needed boost it needs. Here are some tips for building your momentum online and garnering enough interest to double your sales:

Tip #1: Get The Price Right

You don’t need to look too far ahead to make your tickets more appealing. People gravitate to good deals, which means one of the crucial cornerstones of increasing ticket sales is setting an attractive price.

Spike up the numbers, and nobody will give it a second thought, especially if it’s a small event with no “wow” factors like celebrity appearances. You may generate more viewers with too-good-to-be-true prices, but it’s not the wisest choice on your end since it may not cover for your costs along the way.

With that in mind, the best way to calculate the optimal pricing that creates a win-win situation is to refer to the standard formula: minimum ticket price = total event costs / expected number of attendees.

Tip #2: Improve The Standard Price

Determining the standard price doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the ideal one for you. If you want the event to be a smashing success for your bottom line, it helps to go for tiered pricing.

Tiered pricing is all about creating different price points that offer unique benefits - from VIP access that lets you in on backstage exclusives to barebones tickets for the general pricing.

This is the part where you can let your creativity loose and adjust the packages according to your brand - be it throwing in free drinks, front-row seats in concerts, and more.

Tip #3: Provide Incentives

With tiered pricing set in place, you’ll be driving plenty of eyes on your event. However, you need to maintain a steady stream of traffic and steer clear from sales slumps by offering incentives to establish “mini-peaks” to your curious customers.

Some examples of a sales peak include early access tickets, early bird tickets, and deal-of-the-day, all of which have a special, exclusive offer that keeps people interested in your event.

Strategy That Sells: Exploring Marketing Tips To Boost Your Ticket Sales

The internet is rich with hidden, marketing goldmines where you can discover opportunities in unfamiliar destinations. As a free spirit on the hunt for adventure in a new city, finding the right events to attend can be tricky.

What Can We Do To Help You?

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