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At What-T-Do you will discover a community for DIY’ers – home, business, self. Score new projects, while inspiring your creative side and BONUS, save money. We want you to get it done with the help of those who have done it before.

Our Story

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What-T-Do, created in 2018, was an environment to post and share DIY ideas and events for a small community of members.  Our members were busy and needed to have easy ways to get projects done without doing a ton of research.  We then created kits to assist in getting the correct items for different projects. Today we open the DIY platform to those vendors that want to share their DIY world by selling kits of their own for all to benefit.

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Our Mission

Enrich the lives of customers, vendors and employees with easy, incredible products and services in a warm, informative community.

What-T-Do is a platform for Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts and business owners to connect and promote their projects and products to each other while creating an educational environment.

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