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Whether you are on a date night, looking for something to do with the kiddo's or on an adventure in a new city, What-T- Do has all of the events in one location. 


If you are interested in a concert, art exhibition, road trip or something more specific, become a member and browse our library of events in your area near you.

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Whether it be concerts, dining experiences, festivals, theatre or local events, What-T-Do has a number of events catered just for you.  Become a member today and access events in your area and beyond. 

Image by Rocco Caruso


From small intimate performances to large concerts, What-T-Do has it all. Gather your friends to reveal your musical side.

What-T-Do Image by Humphrey Muleba


Dining experiences can make for an amazing evening of entertainment. Whether you choose to be with family or friends our, vendors know how to set the stage for a good time. 

Outdoor Family Day


The best part of your free time!  Family fun days are jam packed with local vendors offering great things to do.